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The Heston Group

The Heston Group is a leader in the provision of rapid-response services including emergency and disaster housing in support of governments and contractors around the globe. The use of flat-packed container-sized structures allows for each individual tailor made requirement and it provides the ability to cost-effectively deliver emergency, disaster and military housing. The versatility opportunity of the container concept provides the ability to carry out complete dwelling complexes made up of accomodations, kitchens, mess-halls, offices, meeting-rooms, laundries, recreation areas, ablutions, warehouses, small workshops and more.

The unit is composed of a galvanized and pre-painted sheet steel framework. Wall panels are polyurethane foam insulated in order to obtain a high thermal insulation and a good environmental comfort, considering the particular use of the unit itself. Wall panels are interchangeable so that provided doors and windows may be fitted in any parametrical position. Modules may also be coupled to form larger and more equipped usages including two-storied complexes, making the container more functional. >


The Heston Group offers a wide range of options and accessories, such as corridors, stairs with landings, gangways, double saddle roofing, which allows a better arrangement of modules. Modules are designed to withstand up to 145 mph winds. Higher resistance values are achieved via ground cabling or cement foundations

The container can be delivered either erected, or to obtain a greater rationalization of the transportation cost, disassembled, “transpack” type, reduced as a “sandwich” and made up of the base and roof, connected by suitable metallic spacers. Wall panels, door and window frames and accessories for the installation on site, are placed inside the “sandwich”.

Thanks to their particular features, modules, which may be disassembled, carried and erected elsewhere several times, are the best method to face emergency conditions or situations requiring temporary solutions.

Mission Statement

The 2005 Hurricane season resulted in thousands of families and individuals left without sufficient housing for unacceptable periods of time and exposed the weakest link in our society’s disaster relief response. Heston’s mission is to provide housing designed, dispatched, and assembled with the highest attention to efficiency, safety, and environmental soundness, and to continuously improve its products through innovation, research,  and a relentless focus to provide for the American people in their times of greatest need.  Through honest business practices and superior financial performance, Heston will fulfill its vision of being the global leader in rapid-response housing services.



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